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150 UAH

WARNING! Due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the increase in the incidence of COVID-19, we are moving OldCarLand from May 7-10 to the last weekend of spring – May 28-𝟯𝟬.
The organizing committee of the largest technical festival in Ukraine OldCarLand has made such a decision to minimize risks for participants and visitors.
We urge everyone to be careful and follow the recommendations introduced at the national level. We wish you good health!
See you soon and long-awaited!

Hundreds of bright rare cars from May 28 to 30 will be shown at the State Aviation Museum named after O.K. Antonova on the street. Medova, 1.
The event is organized by the club of technical classics OldCarService.
Traditionally, OldCarLand presents unique and rare models that have not been demonstrated at such events before. Among them are the most recent works of the best Ukrainian car restoration workshops, cars from private collections and museums, cars belonging to famous people. The program also shows an impressive exposition of Soviet executive cars of the country’s top officials. All of these cars are exclusive and have their own history. In addition, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the cult models of the beginning of the last century, the equipment of the Second World War, rare motorcycles and bicycles. Italian and British models that are exotic for Ukraine will also be presented.


Chevrolet Chevelle


ЗіЛ 115

Chevrolet Bel Air


De Soto S6