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Anniversary Old Car Land has occurred!

Thousands of exclusive cars among the planes, the national record and the impressive exposition of military equipment – the tenth Old Car Land!

The event took place on May 9-12 in the State Aviation Museum named after O.K. Antonova on the street. Medova, 1. Technique came from him from all over Ukraine and other countries. Among her – cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even military tracked special equipment. The festival was organized by the OldCarService Club and the “KOEEBUS project”.

Since this Old Car Land has become a jubilee, it has a spectacular location with cars that took the Grand Prix at past events. All cars were put on red tracks right in the center of the museum. It is Ford T, released in 1908 and still on the run, one of the first Soviet serial limousines ZiS-110, Zil-115, which was visited by the Secretary General of the Ukrainian SSR Volodymyr Shcherbytsky, Buick 1924 release, and others.

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OldCarLand 2018 (autumn)


Winners in various nominations OldCarLand-2019 Spring

  1. Prize of spectator sympathies

Chevrolet Corvette

1993 year of release

Virochenko Andrey


2) The best safety of a foreign car

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

1984 year of release

Sergey Udovichenko


3) The best military equipment of the festival

Tank T-34-85

1945 release date

Paradise Valery


Chevrolet Chevelle



Chevrolet Bel Air


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