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October 28 at the Kontraktova Square in Kiev will be a celebration of the motorist’s Day.
You can see dozens of retro-cars, cars with tuning, military equipment. In addition, there will be many spectacular performances – slalom, elements of retro rally and much more! Come on, it will be interesting!


9:00 – the beginning of the rally of participating vehicles on Kontraktova Square
10:30 – formation of the sector of retro equipment, tuning and technology from the ATO zone
11:00 – presentation of Soviet cars near the improvised scene
11:30 – An OldCarLand competition with prizes on an improvised scene
12:00 – the final stage for the slalom DM Slalom series: stage 4
13:00 – presentation of German cars near the improvised scene
13:30 – retro-rally elements
13:45 – presentation of American machines of different years of production near the improvised scene
14:00 – KULIK SYSTEM is organizing an orthopedic overlay for a seat
14:30 – presentation at the improvised scene of the oldest take-off cars
14:45 – replacement of the spare on the speed near the improvised scene
15:00 – presentation of the technique of the domestic producer of LAZ near the improvised scene
15:30 – presentation of ATO techniques near the place of their collection
16:00 – conducting an auto quiz for visitors, presenting gifts

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Starts the 9th OLDCARLAND

Hundreds of retro cars of different years will be emitted at the oldest technical festival of Ukraine OldCarLand. It will traditionally take place in the autumn. But this time – on the territory of VDNKh at the Metro Exhibition Center in Kiev.
This is already the eighth event, organized by OldCarService and the KOEEBUS project.
Among the participants of the festival are cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and bicycle equipment. The oldest machines of the festival – more than 90 years. Many of them are stored in a single copy. There will be a lot of unique models that were released for a short time or belonged to well-known and influential people.
OldCarLand will operate restaurant zones, entertaining children’s sectors, and music groups will perform on the main stage. The highlight of the festive program will be the performance of the legendary band Leis song.
The festival will be open daily from 09:00 to 20:00.

TICKET COST – 120 UAH. You can buy it at KARABAS

For children under 12 years of age and participants in action, the entrance is free of charge.


Buy discounted tickets!

Before the start of the festival, tickets for only 90 UAH can be purchased here:

  • in the buses of “Project KOEBUS” on STB on the street. Shevtsova, 1 (entrance is free)
  • in the HOLDER cafe on Sevastopol Square to the right of DOMINOS
  • in Salon de Provence salon on the street. Vvedenskaya, 25

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