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10th OldCarLand is coming!

OldCarLand is a unique festival of ancient technology, which already has its own traditions, admirers and authority. It passes twice a year at the State Museum of Aviation in Kiev. Each time it collects from з00 units of old technology.
This is the only event in Ukraine, which may go back a decade ago and see the whole range of ancient technology from pattifons and radios to exotic cars and airplanes. The special color of the festival is accompanied by extensive historical reconstruction, competitions in the driving skills of owners of old cars and show races.
OldCarLand is the perfect place to spend your weekend with family and friends. It will not only be possible to track how cars have changed over the past 100 years, but also to take part in dozens of competitions and events. It will be interesting to the children. They will open pilots of combat fighters, arrange competitions on pedal cars, and conduct master classes.

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OldCarLand 2018 (autumn)


Buy discounted tickets!

Before the start of the festival, tickets for only 90 UAH can be purchased here:

  • in the buses of “Project KOEBUS” on STB on the street. Shevtsova, 1 (entrance is free)
  • in the HOLDER cafe on Sevastopol Square to the right of DOMINOS
  • in Salon de Provence salon on the street. Vvedenskaya, 25

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