OldCarLand is a unique festival of ancient technology, which already has its own traditions, admirers and authority. It passes twice a year at the State Museum of Aviation in Kiev. Each time it collects from з00  units of old technology.
This is the only event in Ukraine, which may go back a decade ago and see the whole range of ancient technology from pattifons and radios to exotic cars and airplanes. The special color of the festival is accompanied by extensive historical reconstruction, competitions in the driving skills of owners of old cars and show races.
OldCarLand is the perfect place to spend your weekend with family and friends. It will not only be possible to track how cars have changed over the past 100 years, but also to take part in dozens of competitions and events. It will be interesting to the children. They will open pilots of combat fighters, arrange competitions on pedal cars, and conduct master classes on drum games.


1) it is forbidden without the permission of the owner of the car to sit in the salon, to open the trunk and a bonnet;
2) it is not allowed to sit on the bonnet, wings or trunk of the car without discussing it with the owner of the car;
3) it is prohibited to go for the established fences, to the service area and to the restoration area;
4) it is impossible to climb the exhibits, ladders and ladders without the permission of the museum staff, to put children on them;
5) it is not allowed to leave children without care;
6) it is prohibited to carry firearms and cold weapons, explosives, chemical and poisonous substances, flammable liquids and objects;
7) it is strictly forbidden to smoke in places where within a radius of five meters more than one person;
8) it is impossible to organize and conduct unauthorized rallies and demonstrations, political and promotional actions, commercial and other activities;
9) not allowed to be drunk;
10) It is prohibited to swim in the lake.


Hundreds of retro cars of different years will be emitted at the oldest technical festival of Ukraine OldCarLand. It will traditionally take place in the autumn. But this time – on the territory of VDNKh at the Metro Exhibition Center in Kiev.
This is already the eighth event, organized by OldCarService and the KOEEBUS project.
Among the participants of the festival are cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and bicycle equipment. The oldest machines of the festival – more than 90 years. Many of them are stored in a single copy. There will be a lot of unique models that were released for a short time or belonged to well-known and influential people.
OldCarLand will operate restaurant zones, entertaining children’s sectors, and music groups will perform on the main stage. The highlight of the festive program will be the performance of the legendary band Leis song.
FESTIVAL WORKING HOURS 09:00 – 20:00. The entrance fee is UAH 120, for children under 12 years of age is free of charge.