If you have a car older than 25 years old, we will definitely find him at the oldest OldCarLand Festival. Please familiarize yourself with the information below.

Who are allowed to participate?
– domestic cars, issued before 1986 year of issue
– foreign cars issued before 1986 year of issue
– trucks and buses, issued before 1981 year of issue
– motorcycle, released before 1990 year of issue
– bicycle equipment, released before 1990 year of issue
– state of the art – any. May be unrolled in pre-repair and after restoration

What do you need to take part in the festival?

Take three steps:

1) register the car on our site by filling out the form *

2) come to us at the State Museum of Aviation on the street. Medova, 1 in Kiev. Confirm participation by filling out a questionnaire

3) choose a participant package from the three available ones.

* If you have problems accessing the Internet, with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, you can register at the venue of the festival.

What types of options do we offer to car owners?

Package 1
includes: Diploma and passport of the participant, package of stickers, two badges for one car or motorcycle, meal discount.
Cost: free of charge Package 2
includes: Package 1 + Iron number OldCarLand, T-shirt OldCarLand.
Cost: 350 UAH
Package 3
includes: Package 2 + banquet and a performance of the cover group Frash Band.
Cost: 550 UAH


WHERE TO MAKE THE MACHINE? (Distance in km to the State Museum of Aviation)

2 km – Sevastopol square, 5 (self-service sink)
2.1 km – Povitroflotsky avenue, 86 (tunnel washing)
4.3 km to the street. Mechanisers, 5
4.8 km from the street. Vasyl Lipkovsky, 1
4.9 km away from “Europort” shopping center, st. Ivan Ogienko, 15A
6.1 km. – st. Borschagovskaya, 95-B,
7.4 km – st. Machine-building, 33
5.5 miles from Saperno Slobodskaya 100 yards
9.9 km – Naberezhno-Khreshchatyk, 10 (tunnel type)
10.6 km – st. Street Wheat, 9 (tunnel type)
11.1 km – st. Salute, 2 (self-service)
13, 3 km – Bazhana, 2
16.2 km – Ring Road, 22,

WHERE TO STOP (list of hotels from the distance from the State Museum of Aviation)

1,8 km – Molodogvardiyskaya, 32, “Royal Congress Hotel”
1,8 km – st. Malodogvardeyskaya 32 “Air City Hotel”
2.8 km – Valery Lobanovsky ave., 25/16 “Oberig”
1.8 km to the street. Aviokonstruktora Antonova, 2/32 “Kozatsky”
5.5 km – Vadym Getmanov Street, 6 ‘IQ Hotel’
3.5 miles from St. Yasnaya, 26 “Husarsky”
6.2 km – Kamenyariv street, 42 “Shelter”


1) The place of car parking is chosen not by the participant, but by the organizers. It is forbidden to put the car where you want it.
2) It is necessary to install a plate with a clear description of the features of the model and the history of your particular car on the car (bus, truck or photographic equipment). The description should include: the year of issue of the model, its technical characteristics (power and engine volume, transmission type, type of suspension) and features of the complete set; Year of issue of your car, mileage, year of restoration.
2) It is desirable to have a maximum permanent presence at his own car
3) It is forbidden to ride the territory of the festival, unless it is provided for by the festival program. In case of violation – you must leave the territory of the event
4) it is forbidden to move by car at speeds exceeding 5 km / h
5) It is prohibited to use alcohol. In case of violation – you must leave the territory of the event
6) it is prohibited to advertise political parties and public organizations
7) It is prohibited to interfere with the work of journalists and to refuse to comment and interview
8) it is forbidden to deal with the visitors rudely
9) Conflicts and problem situations should be solved together with the representatives of the organizers
10) You can not carry out the maintenance of the car and refuel in the territory of the State Museum of Aviation
11) It is prohibited to plant a fire near the car

Answers to the most common questions:

Can I arrive without submitting a preliminary application on the Internet?
– So. It will be necessary to fill out a questionnaire at the entrance

How to understand that my application is accepted through the Internet? No confirmation of SMS or letter to mail.
– Applications are accepted automatically within 3 days from the time of filing.

Can I arrive earlier before the festival?
-It’s even needed. Arrival starts on Thursday (eve of the festival) after 09:00 to 21:00

Can I get on Friday, the first day of the festival?
– Yes, but until 12:00

How much does a car participate in the festival?
– Free. Optionally, you can pay extra for some options

Be sure to stand all the days of the event?
– No, but very desirable

What hours of the festival?
– Daily from 9:00 to 20:00
How many people can be a car and motorcycle crew?
– 2 people – driver and navigator

When is the rewarding of participants?
– on Sunday. Approximately from 16:00 to 17:30

Is there a security guard?
– Yes, cars will be protected after arrival on the territory, starting from the beginning of the festival’s beginning on Thursday


September 28th, Thursday. Collection of participants.

10:00 – 20:00 – check-in, registration of participants

The festival.

September 29th, friday The festival opens

For visitors.

09:30 – the main stage begins to work

The festival.

10:00 – Children’s scene near the start

Il-76 aircraft. Children’s music will be played


11:00 – the solemn opening of the festival.

11:50 – press conference for journalists at

Board of the largest aircraft of the IL-86 Museum

12:50 – take off of Harley-Davidson motorclub.

14:00 – the parade starts with the city under the slogan “I

Going to OldCarLand “.

15:00 – “Best Mechanic” Competition Starts at the Main Stage

16:00 – Ukrainian champion in ring racing

Sergey Malik presents a line of racing

Cars that have won for

Domestic teams.

17:00 – Competitions of driving skills in

Test zone.

September 30, Saturday:

09:30 – main stage continues to work

The festival.

09:50 – the children’s scene continues

Near Il-76. Children’s music will be played


10:00 – the beginning of the administrative check

Participants of competitions on children’s pedals

Cars Cup Transport Department

Infrastructure of the KSCA.

11:30 – from the State Museum of Aviation in the direction

The center of Kiev will leave the column of scooters.

11:00 – Expert Commission starts with

Identification of authentic and interesting cars.

11:30 – opening of the retro flea market.

12:00 – excursion starts from the main scene

In Kiev

12:00 – Reconstructors of the association

“Civilization” arranged large-scale

Reconstruction of troops

13:30 – continuation of the driver’s competition

Skill on cars in the test area.

12:00 – Competitions for children’s pedals


12:30 – at the main stage of the festival for

Motorists and owners of retro cars

Starts the race – “Change the spare on


12:40 – Harley-Davidson motorclub is taking off.

13:00 – opening of the unique exhibition “Z

The past into the future – the evolution of LAZs “for

Support of the LAZ enterprise

13:00 – opening the Harley-Davidson Exposition

Partner of the festival “Doors of Belarus”

14:30 – the beginning of the tuning competition.

14:40 – start of competitions on the quality of car audio and

Sound pressure with the participation of well-known musicians.

15:00 – Getting to know the most interesting

Self-made cars.

15:00 – rewarding the winners of the competition at

Children’s pedals on the Cup

Department of Transport Infrastructure


15:30 – rewarding winners of the competition

“The best mechanic”.

16:00 – 4th FATC CITS Conference and

Participants of the retro movement of Ukraine

16:00 – rewarding of the winners of the competition from

Tuning, quality and sound pressure.

17:30 – rewarding the winners of the competition

“The best driver of KP” Kyivpastrans “.

20:20 – the night arrivals of the festival participants will start in Kiev

October 1, Sunday:

09:30 – main stage continues

The festival.

09:50 – the children’s scene continues to work

Near Il-76. Children’s music will be played


10:00 – “Battle of Autoclubs” – BRAIRING starts

Competition on the knowledge of autohistory.

10:30 – Reconstructors of the “Civilization” Association continue to scale

The reconstruction of the troops, beginning with the princely age

11:00 – commission of the retro movement begins. Identifies authentic car events.

12:00 – Harley-Davidson Motorclub is taking off.

12:30 – continuation of competitions on children pedal cars

13:00 – Take off the Retro Scooter Club

13:20 – Competition “Change the reserve at speed” near the scene

13:20 – Awarding of winners of competitions on children pedal cars.

14:00 – continuation of driving skills competitions in the test area

16:00 – official closing and awarding the winners.