Will be equipped with a special zone only for participants


Dear participants of OldCarLand spring-2019. We want to inform you that 10th OldCarLand will be equipped with a special zone only for participants, where the entrance is only for the “Participant” + 1 person badges. You can bring with you to the zone of participants, if you have a badge “Participant”, one friend.
The zone of participants is located in the hangar near the lake where we organize:
1) a meal with the prices of the Verkhovna Rada (breakfast, lunch, dinner),
2) cocktail bar,
3) beer,
4) hookah,
5) recreation area in the style of a soviet apartment ,
6) a cinema with a movie of 60-80’s (comedies); master classes from supplier companies for auto and moto themes.
Prices in the area for the participants are much lower than in other points of trade at the festival. Therefore the entry is only with the “Participant” badges. The area of ​​the participants works from 9:00 to 20:00.

You can also purchase a ticket for a gala dinner, which will take place on May 11 at 20.00 (buffet, drinks, DJ, cocktail bar, pub).