Winners in various nominations OldCarLand 2017 (spring)
1. The best-preserved domestic car – VAZ-2101, Andriy Balashov
2. For the best restoration of a foreign car
First place: Mercedes-Benz W115, Vitaliy Shalavinsky
Second place: Citroen CX, Mykola Pakhlyuk
Third place: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Sergey Byba
3. For the best restoration of a domestic car
1st place: GAZ-23, “Autoclassics”
Second place: Moskvich-408, Ukrainian Military History Museum
Third place: GAZ-21, Stanislav Pasichnyk
4. The best motorcycle festival – DKW NZ350, workshop DCS
5. The best bus is LiAZ 677M, Trypillya TPP
6. The best truck of the festival – GAZ AA, Oleksiy Sokolov
7. The oldest car – Opel Super 6, Igor Gusarev
8. The oldest motorcycle festival – Motokonfort 1925 release, Alexander Frolov
9. For contribution to the development of the retro movement – “Forge of test drive”, Maxim Krasilnikov
10. For the most exhilarating exposition – Vitaly Panychersky
11. For perseverance in restoration – Dodge, Dmitry Tsybulin
12. For the best tuning of a domestic car – ZAZ-1102 “Tavria”, Ruslan Koptelets
13. For the longest run – Estonians Peep Kritzberg Mercedes-Benz -220, Walter Sunt Ford Fairlane 1963
14. The most skilled crew – Alexander Karasev, Opel Blitz, Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
15. Grand Prix – ZIL-115, Igor Laschenko
16. Prize Audience sympathies – Benz Patent-Motorwagen, Automobile House Ukraine
17. The most elegant car – Citroen DS, “Workshop DСS”
18. For active club support – club “ZAZ-Kozak”
19. The partner of the festival is Lviv Bus Plant, Igor Churkin
20. The best tuning of a foreign car – Toyota AE 86, Andrei Govorov
21. The best homemade car – “Valentine” Nikolai Tarakanov
22. The best special car – VAZ2102, Ukrainian Military History Museum
23. The most diverse exposition is a club from Kharkiv “Self-propelled”
24. The brightest exposition – the club from Zaporozhye “Aleksandrovsky”
25. For the promotion of cars of the countries of Eastern Europe – a club from Zaporozhye “Phaeton”
26. The best car of the “Auto that has changed the world” – Benz Patent-Motorwagen
27. Youngest autoclub of Ukraine – “Tatra Club”
28. The oldest club of Ukraine – AutoTeanran
29. The most combat vehicle – Dodge, Historical Club “Civilization”, Myasnikov Maxim
30. The oldest bike is the Livovorozhny 1958, Yevgeny Smirnov
31. The best food court – Food truck family, Andrew Kirik
32. The best scooter – “Tula 200 m”
33. Best musician – “Muzikashki-barabashki”
34. The best bike is “Kasstom”,
35. The oldest truck – GAZ AA 1937 issue, Ukrainian Military History Museum
36. The best-kept foreign car – Mercedes-Benz W116, Saenko Taras
Competitions on Skill of Figure-Driving
1 session
Class f
1 place Rostislav Vdovenko ZAZ-968A
2nd place Volodymyr Shtange ZAZ-968M
3rd place by Mikhail Sholom Wartburg-353
Class G
1 place Mikhail Sholom ZAZ-965
2 place Aleksey Kruglov ZAZ-965AE
3rd place Alexey Malin ZAZ-965A 1967
1 place Rostislav Vdovenko ZAZ-968A
2nd place Shtange Volodymyr ZAZ-968M
3 place Mikhail Sholom ZAZ-965
2nd session
Class f
1 place Pavlo Lozovenko Moskvich-407 1958
2 place Mikhail Sholom ZAZ-965
3 place Vladimir Savchenko GAZ-51A
Class G
1st place Pavlo Lozovenko Izh-2125
2nd place Vladislav Shabas VAZ-21011
3rd place Pavel Lozovenko Buick Park Avenue
Class Buses
1 place Vladimir Savchenko Ikarus-256
2nd place Igor Tsarenko Ikarus-256
1 place Pavlo Lozovenko Moskvich-407
2 place Pavlo Lozovenko Izh-2125
3 place Mikhail Sholom ZAZ-965
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