Winners in various nominations OldCarLand-2019 Spring

  1. Prize of spectator sympathies

Chevrolet Corvette

1993 year of release

Virochenko Andrey


2) The best safety of a foreign car

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

1984 year of release

Sergey Udovichenko


3) The best military equipment of the festival

Tank T-34-85

1945 release date

Paradise Valery


4) The longest mileage in Ukraine

Moskvich 412

1969 year release

Afanasenko Valentina


5) rare cars

Alfa Romeo Giulia

1975 year of issue

Nedvetsky Anatoly


6) The best truck of the festival

Opel Blitz

1941 year of release

Georgy Shumsky


7) The oldest car of the festival

Ford Model T

1912 year of issue

Dmitry Stepanov


8) For perseverance in restoration

GAZ-3102 “Volga”

1993 year of release

Dmitry Kulik


9) For the creation of a better custom car

GAZ-53 Hot Rod

1981 year release

Rusnak Sergey


10) The best restoration of a foreign car


1st place


1957 year of issue

Shapkin Sergey


2nd place


1985 year of release

Gutsima Vitaly


3rd place

Fiat-126 R

Phaeton Museum of Technology


11) The best restoration of the domestic auto

 1st place

GAZ-21 “Volga”

Company “Autoclassic”


2nd place


1976 year release

Shumsky Anatoly

3rd place


1958 year of issue

Zakharchenko Alexander


12) The biggest exposition of the festival

VAZ, GAZ, AZLK, ZAZ, IZH, KAVZ and others.

Project “Forge Drive Test”


13) The best special car of the festival


1987 year of release

Galchinsky Anatoly




14) Car-movie player

Opel Admiral

1939 release

TC “Samoyhod” Vladislav Gradusov


15) For active club support

Club “Citroen”

1984 year of release

Bondarenko Bogdan


16) Best bus festival

Ford F-550

2002 release

George Lukyanenko


17) The best preservation of the domestic auto

VAZ-2101 “Zhiguli”

1979 release

Novoselov Alexander



18) The smallest car of the festival


1982 release

Phaeton Technical Museum


19) The oldest motorcycle festival

BMW R-71

1940 year of release

Shishatsky Vladimir


20) The best motorcycle of the festival

Jawa 250-559

1964 year of issue

Pavlov Vladislav


21) Grand Prix of the festival


    1957 year of issue

Shapkin Sergey


22) The youngest organizer

Solomiya Nikitina